Have you ever been staring out your window and wondered “could I be doing something cooler right now?”  Well the answer is probably yes and coolworks is here to help. is a website that has been helping regular people like you and me find not-so-regular jobs for years.  There are employers from some of the most beautiful places in America posting new jobs on their site every day.  They don’t just limit job searching to the USA though.  You can find work at many different places around the world too.

You have a lot of options when you start your search for your new adventure with coolworks.  There are four main options to look under when your hunting… Whats New, Help Wanted Now, Seasonal Pros, and Careers.  Don’t think that these are your only choices though because there are plenty of different jobs that will be posted under Jobs On The Water, Resort Jobs, Guide Jobs, etc…. and those links will be at the top of the page.  There is even an option to choose by state if you already know where you want to go.  You can become a 

housekeeper at Yosemite, or a kayak guide in Alaska, or a server in the Grand Canyon…the possibilities are endless!  Plus most jobs on coolworks offer housing and some even offer 3 meals a day!

If money is not an object on your next adventure and you’re looking to make a difference then coolworks even offers volunteer positions all over the world.  There is even a lot of internships for amazing careers that are offered too.   You should be able to find a cool place to live with such a wide variety of jobs that are posted here.

I have been using coolworks for almost four years now and I have seen some great places thanks to this site.  Let me tell you that you should always do a lot of extra research on jobs before you get your heart set because not all places are what they look like at first glance.  It never hurts to type the name of the company in google or yahoo before you go and find some reviews and information.  Don’t let this scare you because traveling is great and its even better when you’re prepared!  Have fun, be safe, and follow your heart.