LNT Trainer Course

The two-day Leave No Trace Trainer course is designed to provide an introduction to LNT and its principles. This program is for individuals interested in developing and strengthening their personal and professional outdoor ethic through discussions and activities with fellow participants and instructors.

The first day of the course starts with a sit down orientation followed by preparation for an overnight in the backcountry. The group will choose a local trail or waterway where they will hike or paddle to their campsite for the night to practice teaching and implementing LNT principles. The next day the group will continue learning about LNT as they return by the afternoon of the second day.*

$400 minimum for up to 6 participants ($60 per additional participant) 

*A third day can be added to any trainer course for $50 per participant.  We can customize the objectives for the third day.  Examples include paddling skills, leadership development, fine(r) camp cooking, ect.

Training can be reserved by calling 815.757.6922

or email us at:


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