Make your reservations early!

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made time after time while I’m traveling is waiting way to long to make reservations.  This applies to airplane tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, car rentals, hotels, ect…..All of these places offer ways to make reservations early online or at their office.  You will almost always have to use a credit or debit card of some type because most companies require deposits.

If you make your reservations early you can save some major money!  Example…..When my mom came to visit me in California I kept saying that we should reserve our rental car early to hold the rate of $15/ day.  But we forgot to reserve it with all of the problems of organizing everything else.  Big Mistake.  We ended up renting a car from the front desk with no reservation and we had to pay $60/ day for a beat up economy car!  Now this wouldn’t have been so bad, but we rented the car for 5 days!  So we ended up paying $225 more than we had to!  Learn from other peoples mistakes lol.

There are quite a few websites out there that you can use to reserve your car, hotels, air fare, and other things as early as possible.  The website I use the most is, but there is also a few other sites out there like, and and you can use these to compare and find the cheapest rate.  I also have these and other helpful links on the sidebar.  Use them and don’t wait till the last minute!