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I’m not sure exactly how many people really know about the seasonal job world, but I hope I can help open a few people’s eyes to a world I never knew about until 4 fours ago when I stumbled upon  Seasonal jobs are temporary jobs that can be full time or part time.  They usually have a specific start and end date but there is usually an opportunity or two for year-around employment if you fall in love with a certain spot.  National Parks, State Parks, Resorts, Ranches, Kids Camps, and Ski Resorts usually all hire seasonal employees.  A lot of these jobs will supply on-site housing or they can help set you up with a place to rent.  There are even some jobs that will supply you with food while you are there.  On top of all that,  you get to work with a lot of really cool and interesting people from all over the world!

I have a few links for great places to find seasonal jobs on my website.  My three favorite seasonal job websites are Cool, Back Door, and Job  Check them out frequently because they post new jobs everyday.

Seasonal jobs usually hire with the seasons, and a lot of jobs will do their hiring for the whole year in spring.  All of the jobs are extremely easy to apply for because of online applications.  I have also found that if you look around on the internet, you can find all types of websites, reviews, pictures, and sometimes even movies about the company you are interested in.  Even with the economy being as bad as it is, there is still a plethora of jobs on Cool Works, Backdoor Jobs, and Job Monkey.  (Which are all great resources for finding seasonal jobs, or a career in a beautiful new place.)   Most of these seasonal jobs are only a few months long, so why not give it a shot?

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  1. Dallas! good reading your blog (again!). I paddled with Odessa and yourself and a couple others from BlueWater on that small overnighter across the bay the night before you left on your winter roadtrip, hopefully you remember me! You handed me a business card with your blog on address on it and when I looked it up on the web i realized I had already read a bit of it about seasonal jobs! Funny how i read your blog a couple weeks before I unknowingly met you, just thought it was funny how things like that work out! hope your travel the road trip is going swell, maybe we’ll meet again out of doors in the future!

    happy trails amigo

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